Discover the world, tell meaningful stories, Explore what’s around you. Free, remixable apps by Field Day.


Make mobile games, tours and interactive stories and games.



Use Siftr to make field research activities easy.



Create your own digital field guide, no coding required.



Field Day makes apps that change the way people see the world. play around, or remix them.

The Yard Games

Teach Science with free, beautiful games on the web.


Atom Touch

Explore how atoms work with this tactile simulation. 8+


The N Game

Explore the complicated Nitrogen Cycle with this board game, 16+


Dominique Lark Teaches like a gamer.



Learn how to use all the things Field Day makes.

Fellowship Program

Even superheros need support. Join project based PD with Field Day.


Field Day Courses

Online courses to teach you make stuff with Field Day tools like Siftr and ARIS


COmmunity Forums

Talk with fellow explorers about Field Day methods and tools


Field Day

Build innovative apps & games to help people explore your work




Work with Field Day

Your research is shaping the future

Sharing research outside the university is crucial. Winning grants requires well designed outreach and broader impacts.

We work in partnership with your team to co-design broader impacts, write grants and bring in the talent to build it.

Complexity doesn't scare us.

Complexity, meet intuitive design

Your work is complex but that’s what makes it interesting to us. Our expertise is learning science and media design but we love learning about your discipline.

We’ve worked with folks in Folklore, ecology, thermodynamics, business, history, neuroscience, mathematics, biology, music, creative writing, medicine, and genetics.

partner with a team that gets it.

Why partner with our team of design and education experts?

Most researchers hire a single person or small team of novices that can’t deliver. Others hire expensive design firms that don’t understand the research process, cost tons of money and deliver with mixed results.

We work to join your team as partners in grant writing and co-design. We help you make the most beautiful and engaging products and then we distribute your project across our existing network of schools, libraries and distribution partners.

Our process

Our Mission: A bridge from research to the public

Design Plan & Grant Writing

Create a clear design plan to impress grant reviewers.


Bring in the talent to design and build games, AR/VR, Simulations, GPS games, apps and websites.

Distribution & Evaluation

Make sure your project reaches the public and makes a difference. Distribute your project across a network of schools, libraries and around the world.

Work with Us.