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Our games get world-class research out to the public.

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Our games get world-class research out to the public.

The Station:Maine
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The Station:Maine

In The Station: Maine, students in rural Maine play location-based quests focused on four themes: Water, Forestry, Energy, and Food.

Made in partnership with Maine Math and Science Alliance

Teacher Quote:

“These students have walked this trail dozens of times on school trips, but [their teacher] had never seen them actually think about the place . . . It was amazing and so satisfying to see!” -Susannah Gorden-Messer, STEM Education Specialist at MMSA

At a Glance

  • Grades: 6-9
  • GPS-based
  • Free to play
  • Playable offline after download
  • Requires a smartphone or tablet
  • Only playable on location in Maine

Game Story

You play an adventurer who just got invited to join a secret group of explorers and scientists. Your guide: a puffin who helps you in your quest, but mostly just wants snacks.

What you do:

  • take on quests at GPS-based locations called Science Stations
  • visit GPS-based tour stops
  • collect virtual notes hidden in caches
  • sort the notes and grow your field guide
  • take photos and make your own observations


In The Station Maine, each quest starts at a partner location in rural Maine. The partner locations are organizations working on concrete solutions that most kids would never get to interact with at this level. The content of individual quests was created by scientists and STEM education specialists at MMSA and their partners.


This game was created in partnership with MMSA.